Industrial Equipment and Components

In Industrial Equipment and Components, you will find vacuum pumps, valves, screw compressors and mechanical components among others, manufactured by our suppliers.

General Mechanical Components29545312-kit-de-juntas-y-sellos-allison-4ta-generacion-D_NQ_NP_804301-MLA20318849923_062015-Fcojinetes_granada.jpg
– Bearings
– Cutter and Tweezers
– Fixing and connection elements
– Universal hardware parts
– Industrial Adhesives Products
– Wheel and Pivoting Wheel
– Seal and Boards
– Pipe and tube system
– Ball screw

Hydraulics and Pneumatics2223.jpgcompresor-av-3000ap-1.jpg
– Pump and vacuum equipment
– Compressor
– Gas generation equipment and parts
– Valve parts
– Valve

Energy and TransmissionDIN-8187-ISO-R606-Chain-Wheel-.jpggeneradores-electricos-honda-generadores-de-electricidad-honda-eg-6500-cx.jpg
– Generator and electricity apparatus
– Engine and spare parts
– Power transmission parts
– Conveyor and Parts

– Welding equipment
– Welding supplies

Cleaning and environmental protection equipmentMQ_limpieza.jpg
– Linear actuator
– Environmental protection device
– Guide rail
– Pneumatic component
– Clean air equipment
– Mass transfer and separation equipment
– Washing equipment
– Filtration equipment and parts
– Industrial brake
– Manipulator
– Cleaning machine

Temperature and humidity control equipmenmabe_horno_60cm_inoxidable_hm6035gwi1_derecha.jpg
– Boiler and Furnace
– Heater & Heat exchanger
– Refrigeration equipment
– Ventilation equipment
– Humidifier
– Industrial humidifier and dehumidifier
– Dry machine
– Refrigerator, Freezer and Acccessories




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